Sunday, January 31, 2010

The weatherman called for a winter storm.
They canceled schools across the state.
They said go get your essentials at the grocery store.
They said it's gonna be a big one.
Did I listen?
Were they right?
So here we sit in our food deprived house living on mac and cheese and sandwiches for the weekend because I didn't go grocery shopping when I should have.
But to my defense they said these exact same words two weeks ago and they didn't get it right then so I thought they weren't going to get it right now.
Lesson learned - sometimes the weatherman does know what he is talking about.
To Tyler's delight we got snow and ice. The snow made it pretty around here and the ice made the sledding fantastic! We discovered a new hill thanks to a neighbor and we wore it out. I even was dared to go down it and to prove I could, I did. The unfortunate part was that the sled hit a piece of ice that then hit my back which in turn made me FLY off of the sled and roll down the hill head over feet. The boys all got a good laugh and I got a war wound.
Tyler couldn't wait to get outside and have a snowball fight. He didn't have the patience to actually pack the snowball so he had more of a snow fight.
Our first hill we found - it was ok but not all that the second hill was. I didn't take my camera to the second hill but I sure wish I had! Video camera would have been even better!We had a friend over for the fun and they attempted to go down together. You would think that they would get tired of ending up like this but no - that is what made it so fun.

So as of Sunday afternoon we are still stuck in the house. Tyler probably won't have school tomorrow but we will have work so we will have to brave the icy streets for the first time. It isn't us I am afraid of - it's all of the crazy people in TN that just don't have a clue how to drive in it.