Monday, March 31, 2008

Bob Headed

My boys got their summer doos tonight....Tyler kept asking
"Mommy, are you making me bob headed?"

It isn't even summer yet and already Tyler has that sunkissed glow....I am jealous.
It takes me all summer to get even a little color!

Easter Finest

When I was a little girl every Easter my mother would take us out and get us brand new Easter Dresses. I haven't done that for me or my boys since we have been the rivers3. This year I started a new tradition - new coordinating outfits. I think we look pretty cute!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a jam packed weekend with friends and family celebrating Easter. We had more planned than we were able to get done and truly I don't know how one more thing could have been squeezed into another minute! We started the weekend out going to Grandaddy's and having an egg hunt....the staff went all out with hiding the eggs and candy. There were prizes for the most and least found eggs and cousin Randy won the most found with 26....he got an egg themed horseshoe game for the prize. We just hung out with Grandaddy for the afternoon and the weather cooperated beautifully.

Tyler on the hunt.....
basking in the spoils - they all couldn't wait to dig in!
Hey look what I found!
what a handsome group of boys....Randy, Tyler and Jared
That night we got the fire going and made some yummy smores.....everyone enjoyed that! The next day we had some company from Memphis....Uncle Richard, Mitzi and cousin Dee. We don't get to see them very often and I was so busy running around I didn't get to visit with them much but I am very glad they made the trip over to hang out with us....we love you!
This is my youngest niece Fiana Mae.....isn't she precious! She was just enjoying the sunshine and picking some grass...
Mimi had a neat surprise Saturday afternoon.....pony rides. They came right to the house and the boys got to ride for as long as they wanted. After a while the driver even handed over the reigns and they got to steer Sam. They really enjoyed this part of the day. Thanks Mimi!

We ended the evening off making Easter Cookies. It is a recipie that helps them understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for them. They got to "seal" the cookies in the oven overnight and in the morning they awoke to "empty" cookies. (they form a hollow middle - it was cool)

Tyler's Easter Basket...he is starting to collect cards just like his dad did at his age....oh boy!

We had some friends over for a egg hunt after Church Sunday afternoon as well as the cousins...again hunting way too much candy.

Of course I didn't get any pictures of us in our Easter outfits on my camera. We did take a family photo that my sister/photographer took and will be sending to me. I will post that when I get it, she takes great pictures even for those of us (me) that are not in any way photogenic!

coming soon...

I have many pictures to post of our Easter Weekend with the family. It was a lot of fun and stress all rolled up into one great time. Thanks to everyone who came and hung out with us to celebrate Jesus! I promise to get some more posting done soon.....just sooooo busy lately!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well done...

As parents we try to teach our children the best we can. I have been taking a new class at church called "Creative Correction" and the biggest thing that I am getting from it is to use the Bible as my rule book. Now I have done this in the past and shown Tyler in the Bible where it says to "honor thy father and mother" when he is being defiant and "do your best in all things" when he isn't practicing as well as he should at piano. When I show him it isn't just something daddy and I are making up to torture him then he is more willing to follow the rules.

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't something I have to do every day and really we have very few times when this is absolutely necessary. His personality is such that he is a pleaser and will do almost anything to make you happy and lucky for us that means behaving. That is just how God made him, and we are thankful.

This morning I had another teaching moment.

He was going over to a friends house for the day because his spring break started and I had to work. I was giving him the remember to listen, obey, yes mam speech that we all give. I told him that this would make mommy very happy to hear he did these things all day.

I asked him "Do you know who else it makes happy?"

He smiled and pointed to the sky....God.

I said your right. I told him that God would have a great big smile on his face when he sees Tyler obeying and doing the right thing. I told him God would tell him "Well done my good and faithful servant".

Tyler looked puzzled and said"is he really going to say that?"

I said aboslutely!

"How do you know mommy?"

"Because it tells us in the Bible that when we do what God asks of us that is what he will say to us on when we get to heaven."

He had the most proud smile I have ever seen, and guess what......he had a great day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New member of the family

Tyler did get his early birthday present from Mimi and Papa last night......A Puppy!
We have been talking about getting a dog ever since we had to give Baby away but we never could decide on what kind...Charlie always leaned toward the bigger breeds and I always leaned toward the smaller. My parents have an Akita and we had Akita's growing up ever since I could remember. They were going to give us a female becuase they thought that their dog would mother it and there would be no problems. As we kept talking I reminded my mother of a story. Growing up we had two female - Lady and Madam - and one male - Rocky - Trust me their names suited them perfectly! One summer my parents decided to breed them. Well when two females are trying to get the attention on one male it isn't pretty. We had to keep them seperated - completely. They both had their puppies at the same time and it got worse because now they were protecting their babies too. One day mom was giving them some time out in the yard, and we had to do this one "family" at a time. So she let Lady out, let her and her babies have their time and back in their pin they went. She went to let Madam out and before she realized that Lady's pin wasn't completely latched she got out and Lady and Madam didn't act very much like a lady and madam....they went at it. This next vision is etched in my memory FOREVER....she grabbed them both by the collar, yanked them apart and held them up on each side of her and just yelled HELP! So we kids came to the rescue and put Lady away so Madam could have her play time. After being reminded of this mom decided they would get a male for Tyler!
Outside in the yard playing......wait is that another puppy?

Yes it is.....My brother got to keep one of those babies that we had and he named her CoCoa. He and CoCoa did everything together. When my parents saw this puppy all they could think of was her. So being the nostalgic parents they are they brought her home too! Allen had no idea and was blown away that they did this for him. So gues what her name is.......
After hearing Uncle Allen's name for his dog Tyler had the perfect name for his new puppy..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

this and that...

Not much going on around here right now but we sure are preparing for a lot of things....
Baseball practice started tonight. Tyler couldn't wait. He is on the Red Sox this season with Daddy as one of his coaches. I can't wait to see what he brings this season. He just seems to get better and better....
Easter is next weekend and we are having all of the family here. I am sooooo excited. I haven't seen most of them for a long time so it will be a great time hanging out. I have several things planned for all of us to do, I like to keep everyone busy!
VBS - I am co-directing that this year and am very excited about it right now. Notice how I said "right now"? Yes, I LOVE planning things. However I know I am going to need a lot of prayer to get me through the week of actual VBS! It will be a challenge working a full time job then going to work VBS from 6-9ish every night. Two things in my favor though, my boss is doing the same thing so we will be equally tired and at the end of the week I am going to Atlanta with friends to the "Deeper Still" event with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shrier and Kay Arthur. I am telling you if you have not yet experienced this GO. It is so good to be filled up with God's word from women overflowing with it. It is awesome!
We were looking forward to a Disney Trip the first week of April but right now that is on hold......again. Charlie is feeling sluggish and the insurance company is dragging their heels on getting him a new battery. I am not willing to travel 13 hours from home and doctors when he isn't 100%.
We are also getting Tyler's birthday gift early from Mimi and Papa.....maybe even tomorrow. I will let you all know what it is when we get's very exciting and he has NO idea....I see crying in his future! Happy tears of course.
That has got you caught up with us so far.....I will post again when I have more to say LOL! Right now got to go watch Survivor....the best show on TV!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

We woke up this morning to this.....

We knew - hoped - that is was coming so I went out and bought a sled so we could play in it today. I realized as we were getting ready for this that I am in no way prepared with the right clothing for sleding. We don't own boots, I couldn't even find a hat! But that didn't stop us from getting out there and having some FUN!
Tyler loved it.....he also loved rolling in it. He couldn't quite get it that it would make him wet and cold.....until he got wet and cold.
The final run.....this was his favorite part.
It looked to fun for mommy and daddy not to take a spin......WEEEEEEEEE!
Didn't get daddy coming down but got him coming up......he got a face full when he landed!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Furniture!

We have not bought new furniture in a long's very exciting! We have been sitting on the floor the last few nights because we had to move our old furniture out on Tuesday night. So this is the before.....
And this is the after....
What a difference huh? We love it. Come on over and see!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Published Author

Yup, we have a published author among us. I really wasn't expecting this at all when I sent in my $12. I really don't know what I was expecting but was pleasantly surprised with this....

The title of his story is "An Boy"

I know a boy named An
He has a friend with a can
We were playing with a fan
Then it blew over a man
And away he ran
Tyler Rivers
I know....a masterpiece! Each child in his class did a story and each one is in this hardcover book that we can keep forever. I just love it!