Monday, June 30, 2008

Well that was fun...

Overall this was the best way to get all the appointments in and not have to make multiple 25 minute trips from our house. Here is what we learned about Tyler today...

Dentist: He has the very beginnings of cavities in between his molars. He MUST start flossing. They gave him a prescription toothpaste that has a higher % of fluoride to help this out. He also has his 6 year molars in. He was complaining a few weeks ago about some soreness....this explains it! They are going to seal them tomorrow to prevent decay.....I don't remember having this done but if it is going to be free AND prevent future fillings - we are doing it!

Allergist: Since we found our cat a new home all has been well with the allergies. We are a bit concerned going into the fall so we are going to keep him on his current regiment and just watch. Easy Peasy.

Pediatrician: We learned that Tyler does not like any sort of pricking, poking or shot.

At. All.

The visit started with the finger prick. It was if she broke his finger. He wouldn't move it for the rest of the day. He kept saying it was thumping. Even if you tried to go near the finger he just screamed like you were killing him.....he is so dramatic!
Then she told us he was in the 98% for his weight. We all know that he is stocky but this really concerned me - has for a while. Not knowing any family history for him I really try to keep an eye on his diet. I am going to have to do better.....luckily he isn't picky. Maybe that is the problem? THEN the dreaded shots that we had been telling him all day that he wasn't going to be getting came up. He not only needed one booster for Chicken Pox but another for Hepatitis A. The look of absolute FEAR came over him. He wanted to sit in my lap so we asked if that would be ok. She said if you wrap your legs around his legs then I am ok with that. OK - we tried it once, twice - he is a very strong boy and he wanted NOTHING to do with shots. We had to lay him on the bed, fold his arms across his chest and have daddy practically lay on top of him - just to keep the top of him still. The nurse couldn't hold down his legs and give him the shot so I got to lay across his legs. All the while he is screaming - DON'T LET THEM DO IT! This was daddy's very first experience at the doctor and shots. He never wants to go back again. Neither does Tyler for that matter. So we get the shots, open the door and then we get the look - from every nurse, every parent and every child in the waiting room.
The nurse's look - sorry about that kid.
The parents look - you poor baby.
The children's look - I am not going in there!
With lolly pop in hand we head off to Walmart to make it all better with a new Darth Vader....who doesn't need another one of those?

Ear Doctor: Everything was good except his left tube is falling out. These are the mega jumbo tubes that are supposed to stay in for 18 months. It has been 6 and it is already falling out. NOOOO!
Again we have to keep an eye out for it to fall out then watch for infections. He may grow out of them but that doesn't seem to be his luck so far.

So in all having all of these appointments went great. We got to each on a little early and they took us right away. This is defiantly the way to go next year.

Name Change

I have been thinking of a name for this blog besides Rivers Family. Every one else has cute names and I sort of felt left out of the cute name club. Last night I mentioned this to my friend Tabitha. She immediately had the title......I love it! Thanks Tabitha!

We have a doctor appointment extravaganza for Tyler today....

Dentist: 7:30
Allergist: 11:00
Pediatrician: 2:00
Ear doctor: 3:30

I will let you know how it goes....We like to live on the edge!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


After feeling very guilty about spending no time with Tyler this week and knowing what next week will bring we decided to let Tyler chose what he wanted to do today. To our surprise he chose bowling! I think this has a little to do with the Wii. On the Wii it is completely different but Tyler thought it would be the same. It was not.
He did good the first game. Not so much the second. Then he got frustrated. Then we left.


This week has been one crazy week. We are all exhausted and ready for the weekend.

We got through VBS with 3-5 year olds....whew! My favorite part is watching them worship through song. Their little sweet voices singing praises just gives me the goosebumps every time. I am thankful that I got to be a part of bringing Jesus to these families through their little ones. I pray that seeds are planted and those that don't know Him personally will start to question it and want it.

Of course the end to this week is the start of another week we have been waiting for! Charlie is scheduled to go in on Wednesday at 7am. I don't know how long it will take or how long he will be in the hospital for. Just pray for peace for him to know that God is in control of this. I know that we are to go in Wednesday for a reason. We are to touch someones life that will be there in the hospital at the same time. I don't know if it will be a nurse, a doctor another patient. Maybe they will just see us in passing or it will be someone that I have a converstaion with.....I don't know but pray for my eyes to be open. God has a reason for Charlie's operation to be when it is. Pray for Tyler to understand. He is worried about his daddy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well we are two nights into VBS and I don't want to quit. That is a good thing since I am directing it this year. Not really though, I have the title but my friend TJ is really doing all the work. She tries to say she isn't - but we all know she is.

I always loved VBS as a kid. Loved seeing all my friends for a week of fun together at church.

See I was not allowed to do much as a kid. I couldn't even play across the street. I Had to stay in my yard and that was not very much fun since the triplets across the street had a trampoline - and back in the day you were the coolest kid on the planet if you had a trampoline. I think I got to jump on it once - and if my Mom is reading this - know she knows. So getting to spend an entire week with people I usually and normally wouldn't be allowed to - all in the name of Jesus was GREAT! I was a rebel.

Anyway - this is probably my first and last year in the directors seat. Working full time really doesn't allow you to pour what you need into it. I will be happy next year going back to the craft room and helping them glue, paint and scratch their little hearts out.

One thing that is the same no matter where you serve - I am very tired.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poor Baby!

Is this pitiful or what?
He is home. He had to have surgery to remove rocks and sediment from his stomach and bowels. (He doesn't know it but he was also snipped while he was asleep...shhhh)
He has not been very active yet, still very tired from all he has been through. I am sure it won't be long before we are telling him to calm down.

He didn't quite know what to think of his new hat....

Monday, June 16, 2008


The doctor called and we have a date! She said that Charlie's pacemaker probably had another month left in it but that the voltage was down to the point that they could change it out. He is scheduled to go in on July 2. WHEW! That is the biggest relief. I thought this day would never come. We have pushed back vacation after vacation. We actually had taken the week off that it is going to be to do things around here because 1. we were too afraid to go far and 2. Gas prices are just ridiculous! So the Lord saw fit to make his surgery the week we were going to be off anyway. Thanks!

On anther note - our 5 month old puppy had to go in for some surgery today. It seems he likes to eat rocks. Rocks however cannot be digested they have to be surgically removed. Fun. We woke up this morning to a very sick puppy and knew right away something was not right. I am so glad they could figure it out - even if it is going to take second jobs to pay for it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

How I spent my 30 minute lunch break in 1.5 hours

I got to got To Pump It Up to keep an eye on children on my lunch break. We had a blast! This was the fun part of my day. Then just as it was time to go the sky opened up and it started to POUR down rain. The parking lot is quite far from the door so by the time I got to my car I was very, very wet. I had not eaten yet and knew I couldn't make it through the rest of the afternoon without something. There is a fast food "establishment" across from my office so I thought I will just go through the drive through and grab a quick bite. I pull in behind a truck. I sit there looking at the menu deciding what delectable item I could order that would make my stomach turn somersaults later. The truck is still sitting there - not moving. Still not moving. So I try to peer in - not easy to do when it is pouring by the way. This truck that looks like it should only be able to hold 3 grown men in it has 6....each one making a separate order! Good Night! If it were not raining I really would have pulled out and parked it and ran in but my hair is already starting to get the frizz thing going and I couldn't risk it. So I wait. Finally the truck pulls on to the window to pay and I get to order my sandwich. I pull around and there it is again just sitting there! Each man had to pay - separately! Seriously? Seriously! So I wait. After hours - ok minutes that seemed like hours - go by they finally complete their transaction and I get to the window. The window opens and the cashier recites what I owe and then promptly sneezes into her hand. I know I am getting change back so I am already contemplating on how to get it without actually touching it. Not an easy task. Now mind you she only sneezed into one hand - the other sneeze free hand would have been the best choice to hand me back my change. She didn't seem to think so. I just sat there looking at the money - then at her - then the money. Ok - gently - take the corner - don't touch it - throw it in the seat - douse it with antibacterial gel - GROSS! It is still sitting there. I don't know if I will ever be able to touch it. I may just leave it and let my husband think I forgot money in the seat....he sees money in the seat he will snatch it up so that mean?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Officially Over...

Tyler's first season in the 7/8 Coach Pitch is officially over. We had our party and no season is over until the party. Each player gets their props and Tyler's was 2nd most RBI's with a whopping 32! He also had the 3rd best batting average with a .653, 2nd in doubles with 10, all in 17 games, and he is the 2nd youngest player on the team. I know this is good but I still don't understand it all. My husband is the KING of name it - he has stats on it. He loves keeping up with Tyler's and I can tell you he has them from when he played T-Ball! It will be great to look back on them someday and see how he progressed...maybe then I will actually understand them!
This is his official baseball card for 2008. Yes, go ahead and ask him for his's only gonna cost ya $5.

The Trophy...
The coach's and their youngsters. Now here is where I think "look how small Tyler is." But then other parents are shocked that he is only 7 and a young 7 at that. He only makes the cut off to play in this leauge by 5 days. I think he does really well to hold his own as being one of the youngest on the team....I may be slightly prejudice though.
The party place had some games. These games prizes consisted of many things but Tyler seemed to be collecting some bling. He went all gangsta on me at bedtime and wouldn't take them off....after going over the reasons why he couldn't wear them to bed he carefully took each one off, curled it up individually and layed each one on his night stand. The next morning he brought them both to me to put on again.
(Daddy is going to borrow the one on the left for this friday nights card night with the guys)
I am very happy to have this season ending. It was a great learning experience but we lost - a lot. We ended the season off with the last 4 games being nail bitters. They really came alive and wanted to be the champs - maybe next year.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Little Randomness

I finally downloaded some pictures off of my camera and decided to share some. Some of these were taken days ago and a few today. This is Tyler's baseball career in bats and balls. I didn't know a kid needed sooooo only use one bat and one ball right? That's what I thought. Tyler has 6 here and that isn't including the others we couldn't locate at this particular time. The balls we have to keep replenishing because he keeps hitting them over our back yard fence into the woods behind us. That is his goal.

This is how I found him the night we came home from Six Flags. He won this penguin doing the strong man contest. He has slept with it every night since. Cute.
Last Sunday we kept our friends 21 month old so they could go to the baseball field and enjoy their 9 year old play in the all star game for his league. We decided to make a tent in the living room....they had a blast. I forgot how much fun it is do something inside that should be done outside. Of course I also forgot that the tent supports were broken and we had to jimmy-rig it to stay up..all part of the adventure. Didn't stop the boys at all.
This is today. We bought this pool for Tyler last fall when all the pools were 75% off. That is the BEST time to buy a pool. He has had a kiddie pool every year since he was 2 and he did what he could in it. He loves to swim and just be in the water so we decided to take one step up with this one. It will only go up to his chest when it is completely full but he thinks it is just awesome. I have some video of him being goofy but being the complete non-technological girl that I am I don't know how to get it from my computer to here.....if I figure it out I will post it later.

First time he actually would wear these sort of goggles. Of course it started a contest of how long can I stay under water. His record is 22 seconds. We are sure to work on beating that over the summer. I will keep you updated...

Friday, June 6, 2008


Ok so we have had this vacation thing planned for a long time. We were going to drive to Boston and visit Charlie's Family and do things we never did when we lived there. It's funny how you just take advantage of a city that is booming with things to do and you never want to do them until you are just visiting. It was also a safe destination just in case Charlie's heart decided this was the week it would need a little recharging. We were going to leave in 3 weeks - notice the "were" in that sentence.

Gas prices

Not going to Boston.

Need an alternative vacation that is close by, not expensive and easy to plan in 3 weeks. Any ideas out there? I need some desperately!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Secret is in the Sauce


Notice the new reel on the side? The secret really is in the sauce. Check it out - It is worth your while!