Friday, January 30, 2009

Chick - A bad word?

Since the introduction of face book into my life I have neglected this blog.....but today Tyler gave me some blog worthy material.

Every morning while getting ready for work I listen to the radio. It is a Christian Contemporary station and "safe for the whole family" - in their words. I feel like anything on there is OK and I really don't have to worry about language, inappropriate topics, etc...

This morning Tyler was in the bathroom getting ready and when I came in to check on him he was just standing there listening to the song that was playing. If you are up on your Contemporary Christian it was Toby Mac's latest "Lose my Soul". He looks up at me and says:

"Mommy - there is a bad word in that song."

"What word"


"Chick isn't a bad word"


"OK -What does it say?"

"I'm gonna be a husband that saves the chick!"

(The real lyrics - I'm gonna be a husband that stays legit)

I could not convince him what the real lyrics were.

I feel good that we have raised our son to respect women!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


One of our new years resolutions was to do a family devotional every day. We have been good about doing it and it stirs up interesting conversations like this one.....

Tonight's topic: "An Easy Load"

It was about letting God take your heavy burdens and worries.
The first question - "have you ever been given a job that was too hard for you?"

Tyler immediately says an enthusiastic "YES!".
M: Really? What was it.
T: Feeding the dog! I have to walk all the way out there and scoop his food, walk back to the kitchen and pour it in his dish then walk all the way back to the bag and put the cup away.
Just for the record - "all the way out there" means the next room.

That just left me speechless.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wanna Wii?

My friend is having a raffle!!!!

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Click on the picture of Danny to the left and that will take you where you can buy a ticket for $25.....for a Wii!!!

Danny has been to Nicaragua the past two years and it is heavy on his heart to go again - let's help send him!


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tyler loves to draw....he will sit for hours and do it. Today he whipped out this.
I didn't know what he was doing at first....he did it during church.
When he finished and held it up for me to see - I was shocked.
Spiderman's eye
by Tyler Rivers
Age: 7

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 hours later....

Whenever I get any sort of sickness you can bet that Tyler will get it too. Since I had strep throat a week or so ago it was only time for Tyler to start complaining about his throat. He woke up yesterday morning and complained about it hurting - however he had just been given a new game to play so I wasn't really convinced that it was his sore throat that was his reason for wanting to stay home from school. I made the decision to send him and when I got home from work he sounded terrible and his throat hurt even more. I had a meeting at school so that left Charlie to take him to the walk in clinic. He walked into a waiting room full and ended up waiting for 2 hours to see the doctor.

The doctor comes in and does his usual testing - then asks him to open his mouth so he can do the swab test for strep. Tyler hates this test.

Tyler refused to open his mouth.
Flat. out. refused.
Charlie couldn't get him to open it.
The doctor couldn't get him to open it.
Let me just say that if momma had been in that room - mouth would have opened.

So we have no idea if he has strep throat but the doctor said he was swollen and had a slight fever so we got the antibiotic.

We also let him know that if he EVER pulls a stunt like that again - he may need to go live with new parents.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

London isn't so bad

My Grandaddy has his good days and his bad days. Some days he knows who you are and some days he just can't quite figure it out.

Today was the latter.

When I went to see him he was just finishing his lunch, he had just pressed his button summoning someone to come take his tray away and I walked in. At first he thought I was just the lady coming in to take the tray away....after I came back in and sat down he just looked at me and said "well what do you want?" I knew at that point he didn't recognize me.
I told him who I was and he repeated it - but he didn't remember.
He asked who my mother was and I told him - still nothing.
He asked who my father was - still nothing.
He asked how many kids they had and I said 4 - a glimmer of hope shined through because he immediately said - "Yeah there is Allen - I know Allen, then there is Beth who lives in PA and then there is Rachel and she lives in NC then there is London. So which one are you?

London - my new name

The funny thing is - any other girl that goes in to visit him - They are called Lorinda.
He knows me - he just didn't remember that today.

Monday, January 5, 2009


It's really here.

It already has not started out so great.

Strep - already.
Way to start the new year!

I don't make resolutions but this year if I made one it would be to get more exercises. I actually started that tonight. For the first time. EVER.

I have walked before but that doesn't really count.

I now have this...

It's biggest selling point - I get to sit down while I do it. I am not much into standing while I exercise.

It hurts.

My feet also don't reach the floor when I sit down on it so while they do exercises that require that you have your feet touching the floor - I just watch them....

I am easing into it - my body may go into shock if I go to fast!

I will let you know how I progress....