Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekend Trip

Our annual trip to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom was a BLAST! This year we invited our friends to come along with us. I am so glad they did!
Tyler was tall enough this year to ride a lot of the rides for the first time. He is not a go fast, turn circles and go upside down ride kind of kid. He likes them to go straight and slow. We did talk him into trying some of the rides that he was NOT thrilled about going on. He tried everything - once. That was enough for him. Once my friend even told him it was either hold daddy's shoes or ride the ride. He chose to ride.

He loves him some Daffy Duck!
The characters come out while you are waiting for the park to open and dance and take pictures.
This is my favorite character!
A rare picture of us.....

Ok - this ride looked like it would be nothing. It went around in a circle then slowly turned and you were going around upside down. No problem - ok problem. I wasn't tall enough for my feet to actually touch the platform to hold yourself in the sitting position. I was tossed all around and finally had to completely lay down and press my feet against the front of the car so I would stay still. I thought my sweet friend was going to peeeee her pants laughing so hard!

This was a strength test - Tyler's score - 52
Daddy's score - 55. You think I could send that into the doctor let them know how weak he is getting?
The first of many rides that Tyler tried only once....
He loves water. Plain and simple. He could swim all day - figuratively of course because he actually has no swimming skills what so ever.
We ended the day in the water and all were exhausted. We went back to the hotel for them to swim some more at the hotel pools. I just don't know where they got their energy.

The next day we met up with an old friend that moved to Louisville about a year ago. We get to see her when she comes back home to visit but it was nice to catch up with her.

After dinner we found some batting cages and miniature golf. Even though the bats were not real bats - they were more like long pieces of heavy aluminum that had been sent through and shaving machine to resemble bats - Tyler did good.

Daddy proved to be the best miniature golfer by beating us all.
Back home to Nashville - with a new friend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The End

This week marks the end of quite a few things in our house....
1st Grade: This year we didn't plan on sending him to public school but due to unforseen circumstances we ended up pulling him out of the school he went to for Kindergarden (with many tears shed) and put him in our local public school. This scared me to death. I'm a little controlling when it comes to Tyler's environment. I didn't think I could do that if he went to public school. What would he learn from the other kids, would he hang out with the wrong croud, would he get picked on? Then I realized HE was the one that was going to be an influence on those I was worried about influencing him. He got to share Jesus with several of his classmates on the playground, He got to pray with one friend who had gotten in trouble in class and just needed to ask forgivness, He got to invite friends to church that had never gone before. I had it all backwards - but Tyler had it right! G-Force:
This is our Wednesday night group of 1st graders at church. He really liked G-Force and the friends he has there. He has been going to church with the same group of boys since they were babies and they are all "tight"! On the last night every year they have soap box derby races. I have no idea why they are called that - I am sure there is a perfectly good reason - I just don't care. He didn't win - didn't even come close because we didn't understand the fundamentals of what needed to be done to the car to make it go faster than all the other cars. Next year we have a goal - win a trophy for the race AND best design. He already is drawing out schetches for his - just wait.


His team didn't do as well as I predicted but Tyler did better. He is the second youngest on his team of 12 players and he is ranked (by stats of course) #4. He made it as the alternate for the All Stars for his leauge. He really made some tremendous strides with his game play. He understands the game a lot better and wants to win!


Our weekly lessons are done until the fall. The teacher is one of our Church Staff wives and she will be very busy with different camps our church sponsers. It is a well needed break from the weekly lessons and a time to really practice what we have learned this year.

I don't know what I am going to do with all of this free time in the evenings? I am going to feel lost without somewhere to go and something to do everynight! I think for now I am going to sit back and enjoy it. Tomorrow we head on our annual trip to Six Flags Kentucky. We started this tradition 3 years ago and we love it so much we go every year. This year Tyler is tall enough to go on some rides we have been waiting a very long time to ride - The Tornado being one.

Can't wait to show you all of our fun!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family Day

Another jam packed Saturday down for the records.

We started the day with some baseball - unfortunately the game started at 9am and I think our little team doesn't wake up until around 11am. We got beat - bad. Daddy usually pitches for the team but with the tournament coming up both coaches wanted to make sure the kids could hit off of either of their pitching styles so today it was Coach Keith's turn to pitch. We were discussing this with Tyler before leaving for the game.

Tyler's response - Well Daddy can't get it over the plate anyway.

Daddy was humbled today.

He sort of looks like he is doing a dance move here....
Getting down in the dirt to stop a grounder

This was my favorite shot today. He overran the base and because he did the player had to tag him to be out but instead he just touched the base with his foot. Tyler got down and lunged to tag it with his hand and was SAFE! Smart thinking for a little guy!
After the game we went to visit with Grandaddy. He loves going outside and getting some sun. He drank all of my Sprite then he wanted to back in to lay down.
It is exhausting being wheeled around drinking Sprite.

Papa was brave enough to teach Tyler how to ride a mower today too. He wasn't heavy enough to keep the motor going so Papa had to follow behind holding the seat down so it stayed on. You can tell by the looks on each of their faces that Tyler is having a great time driving and Papa's face is saying - What in the world was I thinking?!?

It turned into another slip n slide kinda day. He only had one mishap when he tried to slip n slide on his feet. It didn't end up so well - he landed very hard right on his head. He had quite the headache all afternoon.

Ended the afternoon with some more practicing in the back yard. He ended up with a bloody nose on this catch. The ball hit the very tip of his glove and bounced right onto his nose. I spared you all from those pictures. First real injury from a baseball.

We ended the day with a walk and dinner out with our BFF's at Maccaroni Grill. Tyler drew a masterpiece on the tablecloth and the waitress promised to hang it up. I hope she realized he wasn't kidding and will not forget - ever- that she promised that. If he sees her anywhere he will remember and ask her. She just better say she hung it up or he will be CRUSHED.

Going to CPR now (couples praying regardless) that our church does every year from mothers day to fathers day. How can anything come between a couple when the Lord is mighty in battle for it?

It can't.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Book is a Magic Carpet

Tyler had a musical tonight at school. It was cute and he actually sang which is an accomplishment in itself. It was a musical that encouraged the children to take a ride through reading. Doing some motions - go Tyler
This was our view. I knew when we walked in and the place was packed I was in trouble. I asked him if he knew where he was going to be on the risers so I could try to find a seat somewhat close - I'm not up there - I sit on the floor. GREAT. So short little self couldn't see short little child. Oh well - he still sang.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

This is the day that I feel most blessed all year. Ever since I could remember I always wanted to be a mommy....little did I know that the Lord had others plans for how I would be a mommy. We were so desperately trying to do it "our" way. We went to all of the specialists, took all of the medicine, had all the surgeries - all for nothing. We were still without a baby. After many years of just being angry and upset I finally realized that it wasn't up to me. I had to let it go and let the Lord show us what his plan was. Very hesitantly I agreed when Charlie suggested adoption. Those days are still a blur for me because they went sooooo fast in respects to adoption. From start to finish it was 6 months - that isn't even a normal gestational period for if I were to birth my own! I do remember the day we found out that we were chosen to be the parents of a baby boy. We were on cloud nine! We went to the baby store and LOADED up because in two weeks he was coming to be with us forever. We were in line and as the cashier was scanning it all she had a puzzled look on her face. Finally she just had to ask...."are you having a baby?" "YES!" Charlie and I both replied at the same time. She paused, leaned over to me and whispered......"don't you think you should wait for the baby probably will get most of this then?" I just burst out laughing. "we only have two weeks to get ready, we are adopting" Then she understood and began to scan faster.

The day Tyler entered our lives changed us forever. I didn't know I could love someone that much that I never met before. It was intense.

To this day I can look back on my journey to become a mother and be thankful. Even though most of that journey was a very painful one, I wouldn't change it. I don't think that I have had a chance to use what the Lord taught me during this time and I truly believe that he took me through it for a reason.

This year my boys took me to Asuka - Japenese Steakhouse for lunch. This is the first time we have ever been to a place like this. The chef knew it was our first time and really did it up special for us. He made an olympic torch out of onions, then a choo choo train stack that smoked, then a volcano that bubled out red lava (sauce). It was really cool. Charlie and Tyler both caught rice in their mouths that the chef flipped off of has spatula. It was really fun.
When we got home Tyler gave me his special gift that he made at school. I have no idea what it says (and he couldn't remember) because the letters going around it are so smushed that you can't tell what they are - but it is beautiful.

Then we went over to Mimi's and gave her a gift too.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Charlie has been feeling lousy all week and his heart rate is staying around 72. He called the doctor today and he told him to go home and take a test - technology is really cool - he just lays on the couch with a magnet on his chest and the phone receiver on this box and it takes the information by satellite to the doctor without Charlie actually going to his office. He has been doing this test for the last year and in December they pushed it up to every 30 days to monitor him a little closer - him having to go home right now to take it was a good sign. After the test he says he will read over the information and call him back. I am SURE that it is going to be just where it needs to be and that either tomorrow or Monday we are headed for the hospital - WRONG! The doctor said the voltage is still too high and that his heart rate is slow because of his "cold". NOOOOOO That is so not the answer I was expecting today. I am ready to have my energetic, fun loving husband back. Tyler is having a hard time understanding why Daddy is so tired all the time and can't play the normal things they usually do.
The good news I guess is that now they are going to monitor him ever 14 days instead of 30......
Lord please teach us the lesson of patience through these next few months......

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Have you ever been so frustrated you can't even put it into words? That is me right now. My husband is sick and the insurance companies only care that it is going to cost to much money right now to replace his pacemaker. He went to the doctor yesterday for pneumonia - which by the way he hasn't had since he got the pacemaker back in the 1990's -and his heart rate is only 72 beats per minute. His pacer is set for 72 beats which means his actual heart is doing NO work at this point so if the pacer quits guess what? So does his heart! Not Cool Insurance People! Not Cool. So here I sit completely helpless but to sit by and wait, and wait and wait.....and pray. Pray that God works it perfectly in his timing that before his pacemaker gives out that we can get this one fixed. That is the only comfort that I have right now - God is in control of this and he has a plan. I just can't see the outcome- yet. I will someday. I will look back on this and take from it the fact that I am having to lean completely on him for my strength and he is holding me tight.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Game Ball

Another game, another loss. This game however had a happy note - Tyler personally did awesome! He had 4 RBI's, one line drive catch, 4 hits, and two outs. For his exceptional effort today he got the game ball from the coaches. It was a game that we went into thinking it would be an easy win and I think that did us in. We made a tremendous comeback in the bottom of the sixth inning but lost by one run. It was heartbreaking! They tried so hard!
Here are my pictures from this one
Daddy is the pitching coach....we have tried to let him know that he needs to throw it harder but for some reason he doesn't - he is afraid some can't hit it so he goes a little too easy.
One of Tyler's hits...this one actually landed about 20 shy of going over the fence!
Game Ball - he got to count us off - 1...2...3...Red Sox!
Thanks Coach Keith and Daddy!