Sunday, September 28, 2008

Look a little closer...

This morning as we left for Church I told Tyler - "grab your Bible".
It was sitting on the counter and I saw him grab it and go out to the car.
Or so I thought.
This is what he actually grabbed.
Although it looks just like a Bible - a Bible it is not.
This is a gift I got in the mail yesterday from my Nana.
She made it.
It is a bar of soap, some gold ribbon to look like pages, a red ribbon to mark your spot and the outside is a mesh looking sort of foam to resemble leather.
It sure fooled Tyler!
He really thought we had bought a new Bible and he was bringing it to Church!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baseball kinda day...

We had a game at 9am this morning. Our team doesn't do well with these 9am games. We actually played the worst game all season. We all came to the realization that this was going to be our first loss of the season after the 3rd inning when we were down 7 - 1.
Then it happened.
They woke up.
18 - 16
This is Tyler attempting to catch a line drive hit right to him. It happened so fast that he literally had just enough time to put his glove up. It hit his glove so hard it popped right back out. His effort was intense though!

These two crack me up. They really are great for each other because they have real camaraderie between them. They are pumping each other up here because if we held them to 3 up 3 down we would only need to get 4 runs to tie. It was so funny to watch. I wish I had taped it because they were really serious.
Then Tyler and his buddy got a call. To play "up". The next level of baseball up. He was nervous because it is a kid pitch league and he has only hit off of coaches. It was intimidating but he held his own like always. He got up there 3 times and got on base once with a walk. Just knowing to wait for his pitch was great. I know I am not ready for him to be in this level of baseball yet. Good thing we have another year before we have to be!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Tyler doesn't have a lot of homework. One thing he has to do is write 10 sentences with his weekly words. Pulling teeth I tell you - that would be more fun.

It took him one hour to write those 10 sentences tonight.

He would capitalize where he shouldn't, misspell words, write huge then small. When I would say "fix it" he would erase the entire sentence and start over. This happened for an hour. That was the longest hour of my entire life. It just wouldn't end!

I use to worry if he didn't have homework - right now I am just thankful.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

School Project

Tyler was given his very first project to complete for school. I was very excited about it because the child has NO homework ever except to read for pleasure and truthfully reading is not a pleasure for him - more like pulling teeth. So to get something that he was excited about doing was great.
He had to chose one animal and make a poster about it.
Guess what animal he if it had any competition.
The Octopus
He had to list his animals name, it's habitat, 5 facts and draw a picture of it.
All by himself.

His intense concentration to get the cave just perfect

The end result - with NO help from me except to help spell words.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Funny Story

So last night was church. Every week I make copies of the activity pages and coloring sheets that my classes will need and put them in each room ahead of time. Due to a major pipe bursting or something (everyone just kept telling me there was poop downstairs) we had to be moved to new rooms. I went into one of the new rooms to put my nice piles of papers downs and found 3 very cute kids playing. I said hello, asked how they were, etc......laid my papers down on the table, shut the door and left. I walked out of the hallway and into another to do the exact same thing (only no cute kids were in those rooms) and had to walk right by this room on my way back to the welcome area. When I approached the hallway I saw my papers shooting out from under the door. One at a time. I quietly snuck up to see who was having so much fun with my papers. The two youngest were just having a grand time seeing how many of those papers they could get under the door - it was like a contest. I slowly turned the knob - they were right there so I didn't want to knock them over and I was trying to sneek in - but they heard me coming. RUN AND HIDE!!!! So I just walked in and said I wonder how these papers got under that door if there are no children in here?!?!? Oh well - I will just put them up here on this very HIGH shelf so they are not in anyone's way of playing. I should have known cute!
I would have said something to their mother but I heard she is in the mafia......the Hairbow Mafia.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big Red

That is what we are calling ourselves.....Big Red. I kinda like it - reminds me of the gum.
We are spicy and hot!
We ended up with a tie today 12 - 12. It was a nail bitter all the way down to the very last out! We started off a little slow and let them get a good lead on us but then inning by inning we chipped away at that lead. Going into the bottom of the 6th inning we were down by 6. We needed 5 to tie the game 6 to win it. Rally time! Our guys really stepped up and started hitting some balls! It was so exciting and the parents were all whooping and hollering too! I love the group of parents on this team, they all are so supportive of the coaches and just love to cheer.
I was able to get some pictures today because another Dad took over the books for me - Thanks!

GO BIG RED!!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Week in Review

It's been long. It's been crazy. And I am tired.

It all started with the "sleeping" kitties on Monday. We have not seen anymore....I wonder why?

Tyler had a baseball game Monday night and did great. He single handedly stopped them while playing first base in the second body could get on base with that glove! He went 2 for 3 at the plate. He decided the last time he went up to bat that he needed to use a different bat? Why? Because the other one was lame. He only hit great with it but now it was lame. Go figure.

Tuesday was our one and only night at home this week. So I made spaghetti. Good times there had by all.

Wednesday was church. I am running the preschool programming with a friend. Friend had bronchitis so I got to run it alone. It was a little bit crazy because all of the adult Bible studies started. We tried to send 17 three year olds out to the playground with 10 one and two year olds. I don't recommend that. Lesson learned.

Thursday I got to go to my first PTA general meeting at school. I like feeling like I know what is going on at Tyler's school. I had to speak in front of everyone.....I know, I know. I didn't pass out but I can't tell you what I actually said. Hopefully the smiles on their faces meant that I was making sense....or did it? There was some drama - can't wait to see how that plays out.

Friday I promised Tyler we would go to the bookstore and order his new book. He had to complete all chores and clean up after himself all week to get this journey. He really wanted that book because I only had to tell him once to do things. I like bribery! We got to the bookstore and they didn't have the book. We did however get a free shipping coupon to order it from home. Now I just have to listen to "when will it be here mommy?" one thousand times until it actually arrives. Please let it come fast!

He chose Taco Bell for our big Friday night out to eatery. Just me and the boy because daddy has his monthly card night at the Jones' Casa.
We have an early day tomorrow. Baseball pictures at 8:20 then our game at 9. I love baseball!

His new thing to get an extra half an hour before bed - his piano note cards. His idea too! One way to get him to learn his notes!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not a good start....

We have this neighborhood mommy cat that has babies every six months. For some reason she always has them under our shed. I guess it's home to her. She must have had some over the last week or so because today when Charlie went out to get in his car they were all in our driveway. Without realizing it he ran over one of the babies. He called me to tell me to be careful when we left and don't touch it he would take care of it when he got home. When I went out to leave there were 6 kitties all around the driveway and the mommy cat was over on the side.

Tyler was all excited - mommy look at all the kitties.

Look at that one - he must be sleeping.

Yup he must be - get in the car.

As we pull out he gets a better look and says - mommy I don't think he is sleeping.

Then we hear this blood curdling kitty screech. I slam on the brakes. It doesn't stop.

Tyler screams - WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!

NO - stay put!

I put it back into drive and slowly pull forward. The screech stops. We sat there for a minute then I backed out of the driveway leaving behind another kittie "sleeping".

Two in one day!

Not a good start to our day

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Baseball is back...

It's baseball time again! I love the excitement that Tyler has playing ball. He loves it so much and he has gotten so good at playing the game. Each and every season he learns and grows into an even better player and teammate. I can't wait to see what this season brings him.
Daddy is the head coach and was very nervous about his first game too.
A little after game was well deserved.
Tyler went 3 for 3 at the plate, caught a pop fly for an out, threw a guy out at first and made an out while playing first base. Not bad for a days work!
The after game pep talk.......
The only thing they are missing is a name. They can't think up a good one. They can't be the Red Sox or the Yankees. We have die hard dad's on our team from both areas and they made a treaty not to choose one of those. It is signed in blood. We thought it best to stay away from professional team names altogether and come up with our own.
Right now our end of the game rally's sound like this
"1...2...3...GO ____________!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008