Friday, November 28, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!

My sister and her two boys made these cute place cards a few years ago.....aren't they so cute! We pulled them back out yesterday for our dinner. Mimi had them all arranged according to where she wanted/thought people would want to sit. Tyler came in and rearranged all of it - he had to sit next to Papa. Cute.
Tyler was a lot bored being the only child at the feast.
Pray that next year he has a sibling.

This was a delicious bird thanks to Papa.

A broken foot can't even keep him out of the kitchen!

Seriously - I wish our families lived closer to each other. I hate that we can't spend every holiday together and that it takes such planning to make it happen. We used to make sure that we got together every year at least for one major holiday - that just hasn't happened lately and I really miss it.

Charlie wanted to start a new tradition for our Thanksgiving so last night we went to the movies.

Very cute movie - made Tyler realize how much a dog loves it's person.
He has a whole new outlook on his own dog now - who by the way has been renamed.
The ending sort of threw him off - when you see it you will understand - his head is still spinning trying to comprehend it....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have to admit - I have been in a cooking slump. I have had no desire to cook at all and tomorrow is Thanksgiving people!

Last night I tried and tried to make my list. I would put things on it and then realize - oh if I buy that I have to cook it too - scratch, scratch. With my very short list in hand I went to the grocery today. I walked around, tried to dodge the bazillion people who waited until today to get their food too, and get in the cooking spirit.


I got home, unpacked the few things I actually did buy and started on the rolls that I promised my mother I would make. Thank you Lord for a bread machine - that's all I'm sayin.

Then I opened the cabinet that holds all of the cookbooks. Pulled one out. Opened it. Turned to the cookies. Oh peanut butter - haven't made those in a while. Pulled out all of the ingredients and went to makin some cookies. Never have I used honey in peanut butter cookies but it is good Ya'll! So with this small accomplishment I decided to take on some pumpkin bars. This is something I have never made and since I bought two gigantic cans of pumpkin I might as well make something. I Finished the bars and still have a half can of pumpkin - hmmmm. Pumpkin bread AND muffins.

I started all of this around 3 and I am just now sitting down at 7.

My feet hurt, I am covered in flour but tomorrow - my men will love me even more!

So I am thankful tonight that I could get in the cooking spirit even when I didn't think I could.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daddy's boy

Lately Tyler has been wanting to take bubble baths. Due to the lack of actual bubbles he has been using his shampoo to make the bubbles. This is all fine and good until we try to take a shower. Those left over bubbles make the porcelain tub like a sheet of ice and both daddy and I have almost ended up in the ER. When you are half awake getting into a shower that is that slick it makes for a dangerous combination. Due to that fact - I had to ban the shampoo bubble baths. He was begging for something "fun" to do while in the tub so after digging around in the linen closet I found a can of superman foam soap. Here use this! It's even better than bubbles! He did and had a great time making all sorts of creations with the foam, even a foam beard. He came out of the tub with the beard, walked around very proud of it then disappeared back into the bathroom - I thought to wash it off. He kept calling "Mommy come look!" I was busy cleaning out a cabinet so I kept putting him off. I finally stopped what I was doing and went to "look".

What did I find when entering the bathroom?

Tyler - shaving off that foam beard....with a real razor!

I was too horrified to think to take a picture but it was funny to see him using his daddy's razor to shave. I warned him (in between the giggles) what a dangerous thing it was but silently I was smiling that he wanted to be just like daddy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


When your son comes to you with thick brown lines drawn under his eyes for "battle with the dog" and he has one of these in his hands. It is not a good day.

catching up...

I have been out of the blogging loop these past two weeks.

My one reader is devastated I am sure.

What have we been doing?????? A whole lot of nothing really. Since baseball ended we have our Saturday's free and we have been home. It's so nice to just stay home somtimes. Today I started cleaning out the guest is so fun to purge your house of things that are just taking up space. I have filled two garbage bags so far and I am not even close to being done. I love it!

Our classes are going very well. You would think that after 7 years of doing this that they would come up with some new material - nope. We watched the exact same movie that we did 7 years ago. We read the exact same story as we did 7 years ago. We did the exact same homework as we did 7 years ago. This is going to be a breeze! It is nice going and meeting new people and hearing why they want to adopt. The first night the social worker gave her usual speech about "if your here for a baby you might as well leave now because that never happens in the system" But we know it does and we just thanked God that he is bigger than statistics. We know that he has already chosen our child and is preparing them. We are not expecting a baby but we weren't expecting one last time either. We are leaving the details in God's hands.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Fun

Every year we go the farm and get the pumpkin
Then we carve it into whatever Tyler picks. We have a book that has different patterns in it and each year Tyler picks one. The bad part is, all the "easy" patterns - yeah we did those already. All that is left in the book are "moderate" and "hard".
Let me just say that moderate IS hard.
But we did it anyway
Daddy is always the cutter of the top and the goo scooper
Then Tyler squishes the goo
Then I carve the pattern
That's our ritual and we like it...
No that really isn't Billy Ray - but everyone thought so.
He did scare small children - it was funny.
We went to our church's Fall Festival this year. We didn't have this last year and at the time I thought it was devastating. I don't think that anymore.
Next year we are going to go back to hitting the streets and doing the door to door thing like we all know and love.
We may even throw a party - who knows.

This was Tyler's favorite game of the night....and he didn't even get candy at the end.