Saturday, January 19, 2008

Something Missing?

We have been trying to get this tooth out for two days. Mimi even gave him an apple to eat to get it to fall out. It almost worked, made it really, really loose. Today while playing with it he turned it completely sideways in his mouth but it didn't come out! I am not the best with pulling teeth, it actually makes me want to vomit so I did my best to help. Then daddy says "give him a gummy, that will do it." Well sure enough, he completely forgot about his sideways tooth and all of a sudden he says "Mommy, My Tooth!" I looked at him and it was gone. We couldn't find it anywhere! So yes the gummy worked, but I am afraid a little too well!

Anther great game

Today's game was won by us due to a forfeit by the other team for not having enough players...but we played anyway 4 on 4. The coach split our team up into two teams that played 2 quarters each. Tyler was the "main" player on his team. He got to do some things that he normally didn't get to do before today and he had a great game again. He scored 2 baskets!

He got to bring the ball in...
trying to get as close as he can to make a shot
His first free throw...missed the first but sank the second!
This I just thought was comical.....he looks ginormous compared to his teammates doesn't he? But he is little, really!
The coach giving them their last pep talk.....Go Bulls!


We don't get much snow here in Tennessee! It was so pretty to watch it fall, it was one of those slow falling, HUGE flakes. We did learn a valuable lesson, NEVER tell Tyler there won't be school because of snow. I don't think I had a more disgruntled little boy than I did the next morning when I had promised him there would be no school and that we would go out and build a snowman and have a snowball fight - and then I had to tell him they didn't cancel school! Yikes!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Final Score - 12 - 2

Had another game today...Tyler was still recovering a little from being sick so he wasn't AS aggressive as he had been but he still put up 6 out of 12 points for the team! Go TYLER!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Please pray for Grandaddy. He was supposed to move today into the nursing home and when mom went to get him she couldn't wake him up. After help from the nurses they got him awake but he was very lethargic and disoriented. He didn't recognize mom and kept calling out names she didn't know. She finally figured out he was calling for his neighbor from 1984! They ran some tests and disagonsed him with complete renal failure. His blood pressure was only 70/30. Please pray that if he is being called home to our heavenly father that it be quick and as pain free as it can be. He was doing so well these last few weeks so today is shocking to us all. Please lift up mom as she is dealing with a lot of emotions right now. Keep her strong.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

catching up

We haven't been up to much since Christmas but I thought I would catch you up on what we have been doing. Tyler had his second set of tubes put in on December 26. (He had his first set last Christmas and they didn't last as long as the doctor wanted) He put in the "jumbo" size that should get him a good 18 months of no ear infections. We did finally find our cat a new home and she is doing very well there. The new owner sends up pictures and emails to keep us up to date on her. We are dreaming up some remodeling for the new year so maybe soon I will have some before/after photos to post....I reeeeaaaalllly hope so!
Grandaddy is moving into a nursing home this friday. He seems to know what is going on enough but I worry about him. He can't remember things from day to day. He loves seeing us and having visitors so we will keep going. He had surgery last Tuesday for some kidney stones and he is feeling better....he says he will be "human" again =)!
I told you we were not up to much. Tyler has some more basketball games coming up starting this Saturday so I will get those posted asap....