Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More games

I have been neglegent in posting the games - mostly because they have been just tooooo painful. This is the first season that Tyler has played by the real rules. In the levels under him they don't count outs and they don't keep score - it is more fundamentals. In this leauge it is on - big time and lets just say that some teams are STACKED and ours isn't one of them. That is just part of baseball I am going to have to live with because we don't know the right people I guess. The last few games have been painful because we have had to play these stacked teams and we did our best. We actually started off really bad in this game but had a 3rd inning rally and came back to tie it up 12 to 12. We were pretty pumped after that. It carried onto the next game (no pictures - had to do the official score book - stop laughing) and we had some pretty excited kids ready to play ball. Then we got stomped 13 to 4. We have another game tonight so we are hopeful again that maybe by some stroke of luck we will have some kids actually hit the ball. Some have literally not had a hit all season......really.
Go Red Sox?!?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tyler's Day

Wow what a Birthday! We had a jam packed day of parties and FUN! First was Tyler at school, he has reminded his teacher every day for weeks that his birthday was fast approaching. When he walked in this morning she said "Wait - don't tell me -Today is your birthday!" He was so impressed she remembered. All of the kids told me how into Spiderman he was - as if I really had no clue and they were doing me a HUGE favor letting me in on the fact. Funny. Friends are great!

He decided that he would just go in head first and this was the result....he got a laugh from the entire class on this stunt. Mommy however was less than impressed but knew it would be great for the blog so I took a picture anyway.
This was not a planned part of the day but who could resist a slip and slide on an 85 degree day and your birthday when anything goes? He and his friends loved it and had a great time.
His two BFF's Sean and Stewart
I didn't realize how dirty Tyler was in this picture until it was on here and it's the only one I got so this is the memory we have of him and his Great Grandaddy on his 7th birthday!
Time for cake and presents!His friend Stewart got him a GI Joe figure - he loved it!
Mommy and Daddy got him a spiderman scooter
The big present actually came from Uncle Allen. We had his friends cover his eyes so he couldn't peek when it was brought in - you can tell by the look on their faces it is pretty cool!

Thanking Mimi and Papa for their early gift of the puppy again.

Here he is getting so big!

I am not sure why but Grandaddy pointed to this helmet so I gave it to him....he put it on his head then pointed to the camera so I took the picture. What really freaked him out is showing him the picture right after it was taken

All he could say was "I'll be dogged!"

We finished off the night roasting marshmellows in the back yard.

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Happy Birthday Tyler!

My baby turns 7 today! This amazing boy has changed our lives in so many ways that we are forever grateful that the Lord decided that we were to be his parents. It has been a wonderful 7 years watching him grow. He obviously has grown physically but more than that he has grown spiritually so much this past year. He accepted the Lord as his personal savior last mothers day and was baptized on fathers day......couldn't ask for more! I can't wait to see what this year holds as I know he is continuing to grow into the Godly Man that he was put here to be.

Today consists of a party at school at 2pm then some friends and family over this evening to party again. He has been looking forward to this day for a LONG time...in fact yesterday he woke up at 5:45am to let us know that tomorrow was his birthday.....excited? I think so!

Monday, April 21, 2008


This conversation happened this morning in the car on the way to school.

Tyler - Mommy, the Devil has been messin with me
Mommy - Why do you say that?
Tyler - Because I was mean to my friends
Mommy - So the Devil made you be mean to your friends?
Tyler - Yes, He's been messin with me

This conversation happened the other night -

Tyler - I dumped my girlfriend today
Mommy - Really! Why did you do that? (not even knowing he had said girlfriend)
Tyler - Because she said she didn't want to see me anymore and when they say that - you DUMP them.

We are very proud parents

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Game 3

Well, it is turning out to be a not so winning season for the Red Sox right now. We have about 4 hitters who can get on base then it is hit or miss with the remaining players. It sure is some excitement to see if they will get a hit. Tyler is still proving to be one of the solid hitters although he gives us a heart attack one in a while. This game he was on his 3rd pitch. The fourth pitch was going to hit him so instead of just jumping out of the way he placed the bat in front of it and fouled it off. Luckily hitting the ball or it would have been called a strike. The next pitch same thing. Now it was his last pitch and he had to make contact or he was done - as usual he did and he sent a line drive out to center field. As if Daddy doesn't have enough heart problems! We ended up losing 5 to 3. We'll get 'em next time!

this is one he actually "hit" out of his way
Baseball ready - he can't do anything without that tounge hanging out - that means he means business!
He got to be the catcher one inning - the shin pads are actually the entire length of his leg!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are you ready?


This video was played at church this morning.
Tyler was really impacted by this video. His main concern was for the man at the end who got left behind. I can't put it into words what he was feeling but you could see it all over his face - worry. Worry for those who don't know Jesus as their personal savior. Worry for those who may never know. Worry for those who may never be told. He is only 7 and has this knowledge that it we don't tell then who will? He really inspired me.

I have had this tug to take this particular class at church that really teaches how to go out and tell others about what Jesus did for them. I grew up in church so I know it but this class puts it in terms that everyone can understand. Problem - my shynes. I know I have to overcome but it is hard. It wins every time. I heard Beth Moore say once that she is scared to death of one thing - speaking in public! What she does for a living! She had to make a decision - obey her fear or obey God who is calling her to public speaking for his sake. She chose to obey God. I am in that struggle right now. I know eventually God will prevail and take those obstacles out of my way so I can serve him. I just have to be ready when they are.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


The only word I can use to describe today's game.


We started out knowing we were playing the best team in our division so we were expecting it to be rough. The first inning was OK, we held them to 3 runs.

Then it was our turn - top of the lineup - we were ready.

We hit it great! Right to the other team and they got us out by the fourth batter.

So we went into hold them off mode and we did through that inning but we still couldn't get on base.

Then it got worse. Tyler got hungry so I know why he wasn't paying attention. For the rest I just don't know but we lost them. We had some stellar pirouettes in the outfield, some reenacting of throws at third base, some even decided the fence was much more interesting and completely turned around!

It was agony. And all we could do was watch.

We had not even made it through our line up going into the top of the fourth inning!


I did manage to get some pictures of Tyler before the melt down

Can he even see?!?! We told Tyler right before getting out of the car - put your stuff in your bag so when it is your turn you know right were to get it......did he listen? ummmmm.....NO!

He left his helmet out and the batter right before him grabbed it and went out. I told him grab another....." I can't!" So he went through about 5 before he decided this one was good.

Are you kidding?

I think we got our point across.

At this point the coach thought it good to instruct Tyler - "Run that way OK?"

Yes it was necessary

Friday, April 11, 2008

Your Sister?

I talk to my sister on my way to work almost every morning. She lives in PA so it is our only time we get to spend together - on the phone. Sometimes when I call her youngest answers and we catch up on the important stuff like how far he is in his Star Wars Wii game, what he is watching right now, how he tormented his parents last night - you know important stuff. The other day when I called she had to run and take him to school so we hung up from her house phone and immediately got on her cell. In this pause of conversation between us this is what went down at her house

Jared - Was that Lorinda?
Mom - Yes, and it is Aunt Dinda to you
Jared - But you call her Lorinda
Mom - Yes I do because she is my sister
Jared - SHE'S YOUR SISTER!!!!!????!!!!!

I guess I didn't realize he never knew that.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baseball is back...

For the second year opening day was rained out last Saturday so we finally got to play our first game last night. It's gonna be a great season!
Wanna know why?
Were the Red Sox - oh yes the Red Sox!
Even our head coached put on an official Red Sox jersey (provided by the assistant coach of course) and wore it proud.
Tyler amazes me with everything he does but this one thing just tops it all. He NEVER gets nervous. NEVER. We watch other kids get up to bat and they just seem jittery, afraid, uninterested. Tyler is none of these. He just walks up, gets set and sends one out.
This is a trait I pray he keeps and I envy.
He did have a good game personally - 4 for 4 at the plate but the best part was something I actually missed seeing and am kicking myself for not paying attention.
He caught his very first pop fly! Then he and the second baseman collided which is when I took notice and thought ooohhhh are they ok? Then I heard someone say "did he catch it" so I of course think it is the other kid because Tyler had not ever done that so I say "did Avery catch it" and they say "no not Avery - Tyler" WHAT! I missed it! sad face. Oh well it was for a very worthy cause - I was helping a precious 3 year old find out how to get to the ocean in his Aladdin game......
Here is the one and only picture I got....it was dark and my camera doesn't like the dark.

Oh - we did win
11 - 4
Go Sox!

Friday, April 4, 2008


If you are reading this consider yourself tagged. I was tagged by Ashley from reading her blog so here are 10 things about Tyler...

1. He loves the Octopus. Don't really know what started this love. This is not an easy thing to collect either....you pretty much have to be at an aqarium or online to find one.

2. He is obsessed with Spiderman. This started with the first movie when he was 3 and has continued to this day.

3. He loves pleasing others. Whether it be playing sports, school work or just everyday things he loves to make others happy.

4. I sometimes catch him outside preaching to the trees. He gets this from his Papa who he adores.

5. He is adopted. His 7th birthday is coming up in 3 weeks so this time of year I start strolling down memory lane. 7 years ago right now we were taking our classes so we could adopt....wow.

6. He is a follower. This sort of worries me but he tends to go with the flow. Right now that is ok because I can control who he is with for the most part but when he gets older - little scared.

7. He loves to play sports. Baseball, Basketball, Football - loves them all.

8. He can't run. It's sad but true. A carrer in sprints, marathons or anything of the sort is not in his future.

9. He is scared to death of Thunderstorms. Always has been.

10. He is the reason I am who I am today - I was wondering WAY off the path the Lord chose for me and it took getting Tyler in my life to realize that. I am thankful each and every day for him and couldn't ask for anything more in my son.

Tag your it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Counting Hairs

So last night we were watching some t.v. show and at some point one of the men in the show had on no shirt. He raised his arms above his head and Tyler says "EEEWWWW" noticing all of the armpit hair. This is not my favorite thing to see either but it was funny that Tyler thought it was gross.

Shortly after this it was bath time.....when Tyler was taking off his shirt and he was in that position where he is stuck with his arms above his head trying to get his shirt off I took the opportunity to do my best tickling....under the arms where he is the most tickleish.

He got in the tub and he had his hands under his armpits....He looked at me very seriously and said

"I am going to put my arms up now and don't tickle them because I want to count my armpit hairs."

What else can you do but laugh....I had to crush his dreams and let him in on the fact that it will be quite sometime before he can accomplish this task.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Letting it all out....

I am not usually one with the funny story to be told. I usually laugh at other peoples funny stories and just think - nothing funny ever happens to me.

Until today...

It actually didn't happen to me but to my friend that watched Tyler for the day while we worked. She does this for us and he loves going over there, mostly to play his friends X-Box but also because he really does have a great time. Today they went to the park. Before leaving she did the make sure you go to the bathroom before we go speach that we all do before going somewhere that we know won't have one. After arriving at the park all was fine until Tyler realized he didn't go before leaving the house. He told my friend that he forgot and he had to pee. She said he would have to wait until they got home and he seemed ok with that. He really must have had to go because he is a very shy child and has started the closing the bathroom door at home so he can't be seen phase. So what he did next just sent me into full on belly laughter.
He walked over to the edge of the sidewalk, politely turned his back to everyone in the park and peed. Yes peed.
My friend wasn't sure he was doing it at first until he turned back around and saw him zipping up his pants. Then she was sure and the only thing she could do was call me. Of course the first thing out of her mouth was "Charlie needs to teach Tyler...." then she was laughing so hard I couldn't really make out the rest.
I am so glad we are still friends and can't wait to see what her son does to embarrass me!