Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Getting together with family is always a good we went over to little sisters to swim and enjoy some great food.
Tyler has been waiting for today to come because he couldn't wait to jump in!!
I finally got him to take those orange goggles off....I think this is the first picture of him swimming without them!
Charlie just chillaxin.....
This picture makes Tyler look 9 to me.
I haven't seen him as 9 until this baby is growing up.

Our private chef did a great job on some burgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob!
Thanks Corey!!!

The funny part about today was the weather. It had been a little overcast all morning but looking at the radar it seemed we would be ok to continue our cookout outside. As soon as the food was ready the rain began to fall. It wasn't a heavy rain so we decided to just huddle up and all eat under the umbrella. Right after we all finished eating - the rain stopped.
One way for a family to get closer!!!!

Tournament Baseball

Tyler got a chance to play first base.....he loved it and did well!!!
Being an infielder for a tournament team is very stressful!
Tyler looking to steal.....

Pitching is definitely his thing.....he LOVES it and is good at it.
He is one of the top on the team and has gotten them out of more than one jam.

Tyler has been playing in several tournaments over the last few months. Honestly it is not going as well as we had hoped. We don't have a stellar record and it is frustrating to watch the games sometimes. I know the boys are trying their best but for one reason or another they just haven't been able to bring it all together yet. Hopefully soon it will all come together and they will get a few more wins under their belts.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pennsylvania or bust......

We got to take a long needed break from baseball, school and work and headed out to my sister's house in Pennsylvania. My nephew was playing a part in the high school musical and we wanted to see it. He has done this for several years but for one reason or another we couldn't make it. This year I was determined to see him because he was playing Henry in Finean's Rainbow. I am so glad we made it because it was amazing!! Randy did a great job as Henry and didn't even mind all the makeup to get him into character!
It took a lot of hard work and we were so proud of him!
Great job Randy!!!

Right down the road there is a small amusement park.......but it's big enough for the kids to have some fun.

Anyone who knows Tyler knows he takes after his dad in the fear of heights area. The older, bigger cousins were going on this drop fast and leave your stomach at the top ride so he was going to brave it too......that will be the last time you see him in this seat.

This one he loved.....I think they rode it 4 times.
It is about all the roller coaster fun he can stand.

This was the even higher version of the first leave your stomach at the top. Tyler learned from his first mistake of going on the other one so he sat this one out. The cousins tried it and this is probably the last time you will see Jared (on the far right) sitting in this seat.

The srambler scrambled them good!

Tyler chose to ride with Randy on the bumper cars....not sure why he didn't want one of his own?
At least it is a safe way to get some aggression out!

Now this ride was the biggest mistake Tyler made all day. It's the big boat that sways from side to side really, really high. Remember my statement earlier about the fear of heights thing? Umm yeah - usually if he sees what a ride does he will decide if it is something he can or will do. He didn't see what this one did and before I could warn him it was moving. He rode the ride with his head down and about peed his pants.
After this he was a lot more aware of what a ride did before he just jumped on!!
Poor thing!

Didn't spoil his appetite for an ice cream cone to top off a great day at the park with the cousins.

The Suesical Musical

Every year at school they perform some sort of musical. This year it was the Suesical Musical and it was awesome! Tyler isn't one to do the motions so when he made this one and only move I snapped the shot! He has been singing these songs around the house for months so it was nice to see it all come together.
Great job 3rd graders!

Mothers Day

Guess where I spent my mothers day?

Yup - watching my favorite boy play my favorite game and making it to the Championship game!

Happy mothers day to me!

Nine is Fine...

Tyler had a great birthday.....and so did we because all he wanted was....
a yoyo

and Diary of a Wimpy Kid the movie book.

Easiest requests to date!

I usually opt for parties away from the house but this year since his gift requests were so simple we decided to make the party just as simple.
We had the party at the house and had a great time.

He was allowed to have one friend spend the night and he chose his buddy Logan. They are on the same baseball team and have really bonded over the last few months. They didn't get to do the whole stay up late thing because they had to get up early for church then off to a baseball game but they had fun all the same.
I can't believe we have a 9 year old.
Tyler you are truly a blessing that I cannot put into words. You amaze me with your generous heart and you frustrate me with your obsessiveness. I love every part of who you are and what you will become. I am so proud to be your mother and I love you more than you will ever know.


I am not going to put any pictures on here but I will tell the story.

Charlie and I had been praying about opening up just a little on our criteria for getting another child. We said if we don't step out in faith then we never will know what we are missing. Faith isn't sticking your neck out for something you know will happen it's sticking your neck out and waiting to see what God has in store. So that is just what we did.

It was Friday afternoon at 3:30 and I got a call from the placement agency. An 18 month old boy that had been in custody for 2 months needed to be placed into a foster home. He had been taken from his mother for reasons I won't go into here and placed in a foster home originally. Grandma stepped in and tried to care for him but it just didn't work so he was needing a new home - so they called us. After a lot of questions back and forth we agreed to take him in. Knowing his background I knew in my heart that it was just temporary. Everyone kept telling me that I was just protecting myself but it was a feeling I just couldn't shake.

David rocked our world. Our schedule changed, our routine changed, our lives changed. Charlie and I were in baby heaven but Tyler was struggling - a lot. He slowly started to spend less time with us, he really hated it when David cried, he was a mess. This was not a change I was expecting. Tyler was the one reason we were being so picky about what child we took in. Tyler wasn't adjusting to the changes well at all.

I had to do something but I just didn't know what. Then just as quickly as he arrived David was gone. Moved to another home. My gut feeling about it not being forever was right and it was OK. I was sad and relieved all at the same time. I know that he would eventually be reunited with his mother and that is where every child should be.

So we made another decision - the Rivers 3 it will be. We are not going to pursue adoption. We are done with it. We are happy with our stage of life and now can't imagine it with more than just Tyler.

We are finally at peace.......thanks to David.


Happy Easter!!!

We had a great Easter as usual. Tyler got his goodies and the Easter bunny brought him his new Mario Brothers game that he was just dying to have. He literally played it non stop....literally. I had to ban it so he would do something else. It's nice to know you gave them something they love but geesh!

This is what I got for his Easter photo shoot. I tried to get other shots but not one of them came out....not one. So this is our 2010 Easter picture.....great isn't it?

With all the extra goodies and egg hunting and new games we still take time to focus on what Easter truly means. It isn't about all of that stuff - it's about the One who gave His life for us because of a love so great that we can't even imagine it. I know He has risen and one day I will bow at His feet and worship Him - what a glorious day that will be!

Franklin Thunder


It is our lives right now. We are playing on the same travel team we did last summer and this year we are truly traveling......we even get to go 4 hours away to play in the State Tournament in June. I am so nervous!!!!

This is our first season in kid pitch and we weren't sure how Tyler would do. He wanted to pitch so bad that he surprised everyone - even the coaches. He works and practices so hard whenever he can and he has risen to the top on the team when it comes to pitching. It is his thing for sure.....It makes me so nervous I could just hurl everytime he gets up there. But luckily for him all he needs is some bubblegum and he is good to go - thank goodness!

So far we have played in several tournaments. In some we have done just terribly and then in others we have done pretty well. So far we have two AA Runner Up plaques on our wall and that aint to shabby for the first few games of this new level of baseball.