Sunday, August 29, 2010

Change is good

If you have been reading this blog for long you know that Tyler's sport is baseball. He picked up a bat and ball when he was 3 and seemed to have a natural gift to play. We nurtured that gift and eventually felt that going to play for a more competitive team would be to his benefit. It was great at first - the competition, the traveling from town to town, the excitement of winning, making new friends.

Then it happened.

His coach just seemed to forget he was on the team. He saw the bench a lot more than he saw the field. His passion for the game slowly faded. He hated going to practice and hated going to games even more. He felt like a failure.

This for any parent just won't do.

So we made a change.

Change was scary. Change was unfamiliar. Change was right in front of us.

We found a local team that is based out of our own town and called the coach.

He told him to come down and he would take a look at him.

So one night we did.

There were several boys trying out and the coach said he didn't have any spots open right now but he would take a look at all of them and consider them for his spring team next year.

Out of all the boys that tried out Tyler was the only one he said he wanted - not just for next year but for RIGHT NOW!!!

He did that good.

So now he plays for the

Spring Hill Shock

and he LOVES it!

He is hitting again.....

Pitching again.....

allowed to steal again.......

playing positions he never played again........

Change is what we prayed for.....

Thank you Lord for answering that prayer.