Sunday, October 2, 2011

World Series - Orange Beach, AL

We had a baseball filled summer again. We played in several tournaments and this year we were the winners of most of them! I couldn't be happier for the decision to let Tyler play for the Spring Hill Shock!! It was a Cinderella season that was filled with magic! We loved absolutely every minute of it and can't wait until next season!

To end the season we went down to Orange Beach, AL to play in the SYSA Global World Series. It was an experience like no other!

We got to play some really good teams and got to show them how this team from a small town in Tennessee plays ball. Several coaches from higher level teams complimented our boys and said they were one of the best AA teams they have ever played!

Part of the World Series experience is pin trading. We were told what to expect but it didn't compare to the actual experience of it! It was so neat to be trading pins with other teams, put them on our towel and then have that to keep as a souvenir of our wonderful season. The only bad thing was it was HOT! It was the hottest day of the entire week and the boys remembered that the most! They all ended up with a towel full of pins and memories to last a lifetime.

The best part of going to play in the world series was that we got to hang out with some really good friends. It was Tyler's first time at the beach and we had to tear him away to go play baseball! We had the best time just sitting, relaxing and watching the kids play. It was a perfect end to a perfect season.

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